AS Karate Academy



AS Karate Academy Grading System


Within Karate, a student's progress is measured and awarded by a ranking or grading system.


As a student learns and develops more sophisticated techniques, improves their standards and develops in character they can be awarded a Kyu or Dan grade to represent their level of attainment.


The full Grading Syllabus for each Kyu Grade and Dan Grade is available in the AS Karate Academy Grading Syllabus booklet. 


AS Karate Academy operate the following grading system:


Beginner - White Belt
10th Kyu - White Belt with Red Stripe
9th Kyu - Red Belt
8th Kyu - Yellow Belt
7th Kyu - Orange Belt
6th Kyu - Green Belt
5th Kyu - Blue Belt
4th Kyu - Purple Belt
3rd Kyu - Brown Belt with White Stripe Belt
2nd Kyu - Brown Belt
1st Kyu - Brown Belt with Black Stripe
1st Dan - Black Belt